Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Sybaris Rebellion VII - The Iron Jungle VI

A secure bivouac with sensor equipment and trip flares were vital at night near the rad zones. Hunting parties of savage mutant cannibals would stalk the pitch jungle for stragglers or wounded prey.
Above: Pict from a Zulu - Type D Sentinel Drone with star-scope filter. (Can you spot them all?)

The Sybaris Rebellion VII - The Iron Jungle V

The Sybarian Kolonial Guard (SKG) armies suffered greatly in this hostile environment that could devour entire divisions in the bush fighting against defenders who knew the terrain well.

Heavy armour was particularly vulnerable to both rebel tank hunters and the improvised resin mines which were difficult to detect.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Sybaris Rebellion VII - The Iron Jungle IV

Rebel snipers exacted a heavy toll on the invaders inside the complex. Typically after eliminating key targets and detonating crude remote bombs they would quickly disappear into the trap laden labyrinth of factory corridors or pipe ducts.
A motorized heavy machine gun section deploying, Yama Bay. Date unknown.

The Sybaris Rebellion VII - The Iron Jungle III

The rad zones had a drastic effect on local flora; mutating aggressively growing species that were resistant to defoliants.
Above: A rebel patrol in the Gadhai Quadrant. The point man appears to be armed with a heavy blaster likely constructed of locally sourced parts.

The Sybaris Rebellion VII - The Iron Jungle II

It had long been known to the Upper Houses intelligence units that the decaying hulk was a haven to smugglers and rebels. The decision to invade en masse proved to be a strategic disaster.
The rebel units of this area were hardened fighters - typically in the employ of local warlords. As such their battle dress and armament was wildly irregular.  
Fighters with archaic pattern auto rifles.

The Sybaris Rebellion VII - The Iron Jungle I

By 505.71 the conflict had entered a new theatre; the equatorial jungle continent of Jas'hela. An unremarkable place save for the overgrown ruins of Factory Omicron. Formerly an industrial super complex sprawling thousands of square kilometers it was largely abandoned after the atomic accident of 206.

Friday, May 4, 2018

The Sybaris Rebellion VI - Insurrection III

The Jiroc workers militias proved to be capable guerilla fighters; inflicting constant demoralizing attacks on the provincial garrisons. One of the keys to their overall success was use of the extensive networks of subterranean ore tunnels.